Al Masa Shipping offers freight forwarding, contract logistics and logistics solutions that connect your business to suppliers and markets across the world. Ocean, Offshore and road freight, and multi-modal solutions to move your goods. World-class warehousing and distribution for your inventory. Customs clearance, brokerage services, FCL/LCL, and PO management to make your business run smoothly. Industry-leading systems and solutions that boost efficiency, reduce costs and de-risk your supply chain. At Al Masa shipping Agency, Logistics covers a range of functions, each with its own challenges and skills, they are all interdependent and function like clock-work through the whole supply-chain to deliver results.

  • Trusted & reliable partner with ability to customise quickly
  • Excellent relationship with local & regional port authorities/ terminals / vendors
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated supply chain team committed to optimise time and cost of deliveries
  • Strong IT system providing customers with real time information and delivery at the right
  •    time, place & cost
  • Cost effective & value added services provided
  • Temperature controlled storage facility
  • Negotiating and arranging the best method of transport for your product to get to the
  •    target destination;
  • Coordinating the movement of your goods to their destination;
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork;
  • Providing advice on packing, labelling and marking of goods;
  • Arranging warehouse storage and cargo insurance.


Our crew management department can handle all crew matters. We have a huge database of qualified Arab officers, Engineers and ratings which allows us to fulfil market needs. We believe that people are the key to any business success so choosing the right people in the right place is the first step. Our crew management department can also arrange any kind of transportation, accommodation and all arrangements related to the seafarer singing on/off process.


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